Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Is dinner ready yet? Not wishing to hurry you , just wondering if I have time for a stroll round the grounds before tea and a bark at Dougal and Sally.

Its a bit of a rigamarole round tea time these days. Goose is a bit itchy scratchy with yeasty skin and so Mum has got a new suite of beauty products for her.
So before tea Goose gets her ears purple powered. Mum also purple powered the carpet and the concrete on the first night, I'm not sure how pouring it on the carpet helps Goos ears but its not up to me to question what Mum's doing. So now the operation is performed on the grass.

And then she gets Hydrogen Peroxide wiped over her lickety legs.

All that beauty treatment but unlike me I don't think Goose is going to be on the cover of Border Terrier Monthly.

Next up she gets 5 drops of systemic yeast formula on her tea. And an omega 3 pill and a fish oil pill. Ah I'll pass on that lot thanks but if you could hurry proceedings along I'd be grateful.

For the next 6 weeks she is only allowed to eat rabbit and tripe. She can have all my rabbit I don't do rabbit. That's my bowl on the right, nice tasty brisket bone.

Are we ready yet, a guy could die of starvation with all this messin around? I think I'm being very patient.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rabbit

And a tripy iceblock we always have it in a iceblock cos Mum says it stinks to high heaven if its not frizzed. And there's less chance of us getting it round our wee mouches and cleaning ourselves on the carpet.

And for me - frozen brisket on a bed of fresh greens. delish

What Mum didn't tell the vet was what Goo eats from the fresh produce in our garden.

Fresh sunripened red guavas for starters specially mouthpicked by Goo.

Followed by fresh live cricket.

Smells good.

Yep well deaded now.



  1. Holy smoke. What a carry on. I should instigate time and moshun study and let mum see results. Foods could go off if she take too long over deliverin them, frozed or not. Nice dinner by the way. is crikits tasty?

  2. Boy, what a great meal & you guys are adorable!

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    Happy St. Pats,

  3. Blimy, that's quite the noms there, you must be very patient. Whatever your mum feeds you keeps you looking good!!!! Zack loves crickets too!!! Yummy crunchy protein.

  4. Oh - poor Goo!! I hope her itchy skin sickie gets better soon.

    Wow - you guys can eat stuff frozen? I'm really picky like that and I won't touch a bone if it's frozen - I like it nice and warm & "ripe" and stinky (preferably under soil for several days!)

    Honey the Great Dane