Sunday, March 20, 2011


On Saturday morning Mum made the shock announcement that she was going up to Pahi for the weekend and we were staying home. What do you mean we're not going, you're taking the Border Terrier Taxi out with no Border Terriers!! WARNING: There are no Border Terriers on the following post.

Mum went up to stay with Aunty Laurel who has 7 dogs at her place at the moment. 4 of her own dogs and 3 puppies that were leaving to go to their new Mums. So another pair of hairy legs round the place just wasn't needed. Here's the last 3 of a litter of 7 - Sam, Petra and George. This is Sam doing his scary face.

Don't be thinking you can bring one of those home Mum.

Two poopies now gone and now just Sam left on his lonesome, well he's not so lonesome, he's got these four troublemakers to show him the ropes.

Cooper & Jonty offering helpful boat cleaning tips.

Ah so that's really what the helping was all about.

Jonty in seventh heaven. She's got Gravy all trained up.

Anyone fancy a walk? I think Berties up for it.

Cracker just hangin.

Mum got into a bit of trouble on Sunday morning. She was told to put her shoes up on the shelf, but she didn't hear the bit that she had to put them up HIGH on the shelf.

Lucky those were her million year old tevas. There was one good pair of shoes left but they wasn't matching so she wore her bare feet home.

Pssssssssst - I know you ate those shoes buddy and you are still only a big puppy but I'll tell them I did it okay cos I'm a fresher puppy than you and they don't expect me to know much about anything yet.

No it wasn't Cooper that did it, twas me.

And to all my Border Terrier fans, I just smuggled in a photo of my gorgeous self at the end when Mum wasn't lookin. Thanks for your patience.

asdfghjkl; oops stood on the keyboard


  1. Elllo....*reads*.....blah blah.....*fails to get past para 1*....

  2. Hello,

    How unfair that you got left behind :p Hopefully you can go next time!

    We got a bit confused for a seconded, who did those cute wee pups come from? Cracker and Berties?

    It was nice to meet you, we found you through Honey's Blog.

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous photo of sunset!!

    We have many chewed shoes in our house. No, it is not me. It's Mint who did all of that!

    Being left behind means you had the whole house to yourselves, doesn't it? See? Everything has a good side and bad side!

    By the way it was nice to catch up with you a few days ago!

    Cinnamon the Beagle

  4. The pups are Berties and another dog that wasn't on these pictures. She is a cream coloured Shitzu.

  5. Ooh Bodie, that pic of you at the end made the whole post worthwhile! (hee! Hee! Just kidding! They were pretty cute, the pups)

    Honey the Great Dane

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