Monday, March 7, 2011


Me N Max have been down in Kawerau for the weekend. It started raining when we left Auckland on Friday and it was pretty much raining when we got there 5 hours later, and all the next day, and yep still raining on Sunday. So alot of mooching about by yours truly. I'm not complaining, this is the face of a happy camper.... warm and dry and not having to do much more than guard the bus.

Mum was stewarding at a Champ Show, which meant she got to stand out in the field and tell people and their dogs when to turn left and right and sit down. And it rained......

And it rained......

And me N Max mooched

And mooched a bit more ...

By Sunday we had mooching down to a fine art....

Even the doormat was getting into the swing of it......

At least we didn't have it rough out in the rain like these poor sods....

Max was meant to be doing some of his dancing training and we even lugged his great big box down with us but it was too wet to get it out of the van. Mum said we're not lugging that beast all the way round the planet for it not to be useful. So she found a use for it.

Despite cramped conditions we did manage to set up a film studio inside and film the new trick that Max's mum has taught him. And then I gave it a whirl.

We got a flat tyre on the way home and had to wait for the AA guy to come and fix it for us. Max keeping an eyeout.


  1. Poor old Max avin to werk wiv defective ekwipment! I would have complaned and taken extra noms

  2. Did you go on a trip on that rainy weekend? I stayed home, warm and dry - oops, cold and dry. I think Max's new trip is so cute!

  3. Hey Mich,

    What a great little page, love the story telling and the photos of the Bodester...bahahahaa..
    Cheers Frankie

  4. Hi!
    I am Lucille, I live in Italy, and this time of the year we are getting out of winter and starting to see some signs of spring... but it is still cold... and it is quite rainy too...
    I hate rain... so I think you were very brave!
    Poor human, out there in the rain... hope you have cuddled her a lot when she was back!
    Ciao Lucille