Sunday, January 16, 2011


We been on holidays. 2 and a half weeks, 30 degrees, pool temperature 28 degrees. No not Fiji - we went to the Sowf Island - somewhere not far from Richmond. This was pretty much me. Moochin and smoochin about.
It wasn't just me , Goose and Mum that been on holiday. All our friends came too - 8 of us stuffed into our mobile accomodation. In our van we managed to fit me and the Goose, my blonde mate Max, and Brody and his new wee sister Chace. It was like a pooch Tardis our van..... And in the other van was True, Murph and Koru.

Here's us on our way over to the South Island. 3 hours we were locked below in the vans with some noms to keep us busy.

Once we got there it was just some serious mooching about with our mates, day after day. Me n Koru practising our Kung Fu. DOOF.

Swimmin was also on the daily list of activites. None of us was safe, here's the swimmin instructor trying to lull me into a false sense of security before she cast me out into the wobbly blue thing.

I need urgent medical assistance here - I got water in me ears........

The river was just down the end of our road so we walked down there every day, and the big dogs went swimming after sticks. Us little guys paddled and supervised. Here's me supervisin Murph and escorting her and her stick back to the stick thrower.

Just for something different to do - one day we climbed up a huge huge mountain in the boilin heat to get to the Centre of New Zealand in Nelson. Well okay it was a hill and it took about 20 minutes but it sure was hot.

I didn't try this bit of exercise as this is Goos toy but Max gave it a whirl and he seemed to love it too. Goo went for a big run with the bike every day down to the river, where she would wallow about like a hippo in the water, well ok wallow like a skinny wallowy thing, and then she'd run back home again. I think I have to have a lie down jess thinkin about it.

Here's Goo having a big lie down. Maybe she does get tired after all.

If you've got some time to spare and can organise icecreams for half time you might like to take a squiz at our movie. Eight Down Under .....


  1. Wot a absolutely pawsome oliday you had! I gonna have to add the NZ to my list of desirable destinayshuns now and mebbe we come and visit wiv you. I also see typist eyein up that neat bike device....for Lola of corse...

  2. Happy new year! Looks like you guys have had a great time, the weather looks great and that pool looks fabulous.

  3. wow, Bodie - that looks like the most fantastic holiday - although a lot of driving for the humans!! And going on a ferry - how cool! Not so sure about the swimming pool though...

    ...my human says this post brought back happy memories of her holidays in the South Island! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane