Friday, December 17, 2010


Yass, we did it. Sunday night after worldwide advertising we got a group of the best dogs to meet the challenge. So here we are at Pt Chev Beach on the East Coast - the start of the Big Walk Across - from left to right, Pepper the Kelpie/Collie, GOO the Border Terrier, Bailey the Chocolate Lab, and Koru the Border Collie. I - the Bodester was reporting on the event from the comfort of Aunty Jans couch at the other end of the trip.

Hollie the Hungarian Hunting Dog joined us just through Pt Chev, she's only 8 months old so 11kms was gonna be a bit of a big walk for her.

And I will walk 500 miles ..........

Part of the route we followed was the Maori Crossroads. The Whau Portage was the most direct route to link the Waitemata Harbour on the East Coast with the Manukau Harbour on the West Coast. Canoes were rowed from the Waitemata to the head of the Whau River & then dragged down what is now called Portage Road across to the Manukau .

The Goose didn't have a canoe to drag luckily but she did tow Mum the whole way. She was on a mission and just didn't let up.

................. and I will walk 500 more

Some of the journey followed a few creeks n streams. The water just looked so inviting, Koru & Pepper dived in. Bailey had her own pool round the corner.

You humans wanna come in too?

After what felt like a gazillion miles and a tanker of water, we made it. Green Bay Beach on the West Coast. Can you see the sneaky swap we did. GOO did the hard yards and walked the 11kms and I did the wee toddle through the park for the Finale photo. Me n Moss n Onny, the three imposters at the front. The rough tough Olympians at the back.

Still had energy to race around the beach. Mum did hear mutterings about "whose idea was this, next year I'm busy"......

Bodie the Fresh as a Daisy Bodester signing off on our Big Adventure.


  1. Wow, congrats to everyone that's quite a feat to say you have walked across New Zealand. Way to go!!! Wished we could have been there with you it looks lovely. Zack would sure love that beach.

  2. (BIG SIGH) Wish I could have been there...

    ...but Bodie, I don't understand - why didn't you do the walk too??

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. For a big walk like this Mum only wanted to take one of us, we will tell you all about it in another post. And luckily she didn't choose me cos I like being off lead!!!

  4. Wow, that's impressive stuff my pals. Well done to you. An also we sayin fanks for your last blog. It has inspired dad to teach me a new trick and now I can tap a box for treats. Woofhoo