Thursday, February 3, 2011


Seeing as I have not been taken on any excitin adventures this week like skydiving or snorkelling there is nothing to it but to give you a running report on a typical day in the life of a busy border terrier.

7.45am awaiting by the treaty drawer. We get a treat when Mum leaves the house. This means we love it when she leaves the house and its a good thing, not like some stressy dogs that get to whining when their Mum goes out. In fact we just get stressy if she takes too long about it. So come on, quick as you can.

Off she goes. She usually mutters something like "off to the factory" or "off to bring home the bacon". Whatever that means but we know she just goes off on a lovely long bike ride every day.

7.50am Back to catch some ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzs after being so rudely awakened.

12.00pm Doin the lawnmowin.




6.00pm Mum back from her bikeride

6.01pm Forming a welcome committee.

6.02pm That doesnae look like bacon to me.

6.15pm Border Control, firing a few warning barks through the fence. Mum thinks I may be suffering from a severe case of imaginitus.


7.30pm Playtime or walkies

9.00pm Back to bed for a well deserved rest........

Yay I finally learnt how to use the self timer on the camera. But what's with the 10 seconds max time, by the time I raced with the bike to get in position I tripped over the step onto the drive and twisted my ankle. Think I'm going to have to get a stunt double for any such further dangerous manoevres. - ed


  1. Hee! Hee! LOVED this post! (and Hsin-Yi especially loved your human's note at the end! Oh - you should hear the stories SHE's got from trying to do the self-timer!!)

    Yup, that looks like a perfect day to me, Bodie. Especially the sleeping part!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. LOL! What a great and fun post. Don't ask how we found you....the long way around, through 5 other doggy blogs and along the way your names actually caught our attention. We were wondering how your Mum got that bike shot. We thought surely she hasn't taught you the trick of taking photos he he he! We love all that sleeping too.

  3. Well done you two. At least sumone is doin some werk in your familee....