Saturday, November 27, 2010


For all my doggle mateys that are wondering what you are going to do over the Christmas break we would like to put out a challenge. LEARN A NEW TRICK. Ohhhhhhhhhhh clickers - treaties - Mum, when can I start? To lure you into the fun we post a random picture of the fabulous me, with...........a laundry basket and all Mums socks. What on earth?

Well you know how I do lots of trainings, and tricks and dancing in between my general dog stuff of sniffin dog butts and bins.

Like hind leg spins and twists.

And my matey Max with his fancy jump through the legs trick. It all takes lots of clicker training to learn.

and Brody with his really clever human roll over move, this is about 5 tricks merged into one.

and me and Honey doing a synchronised hind leg stand - which is not only a trick, but a trick in time with another dog, and in time with music and two stressy humans. So 12 legs in perfect time when the music goes ........ yahhh!!!

and my mate Moss with a high leg jump, he has to wait patiently for the wobbly human to get into place in time with the music so it's patience for Moss as well as jumping.....

Well its all very clever and 'THE CROWD GOES WILD' but its hardly helpful round the house is it? So we are setting you a challenge. To my doggy mates in the Southern Hemisphere who are on Chrissy holidays with time up your paw. And my Northern Hemisphere mates who are stuck inside cos it's snowing outside. Cos we all know that 5 minutes of tricks training wears us out quicker than a half hour walk.
WHAT ON EARTH - you want me to learn how to make you a coffee?? That's pushing the boundaries.

OK here's the roools

1) It has to be a trick you haven't learnt before

2) The theme has to be "helping round the house"

3) You need to film how you taught it

4) The film can't be more than 2 minutes and you need to post it to You toob and send me the linky

5) Tell us what category you are entering, Instructional category or Humorous category - there is a prize for each category.

(Entries to wispyk9s@hotmail.com by January 25th 2011)

We will post the entries on our Choredography webpage on the Christmas competition page , see the linky at the top of my blog. And then we will take voting in late January to find the winners.

If you need any inspiration then have a look at Jesse, - is he helpful or what? I think I am going to learn how to do something with socks, either take them off Mums feet or put them in the laundry. Have a good Christmas and get those clickers clicking......

Or maybe the Goose is going to learn to put all our toys away. We live in hope.


  1. There is just no way that any of my five Border terriers will learn any new tricks they haven't even learnt one. but bodie you keep the chytrugh name rolling all on your own.

  2. Am thinking that the "Put the toys away in the basket" trick is just too darned hard, so need to simplify it somewhat

  3. That's the fun of it. Trying to work out HOW to do it. The Bodester is probably going to make 2 movies, how to Do his new trick, and how NOT to do it....

  4. I dussnt learn tricks but I do teach some new ones for dad: bring I noms, rub I belly etc

  5. On a scale of 10 that's probably an 8 Marley. That's pretty barkin clever. I think I am sending Mum on a massage course next year, to learn how to give a decent belly rub.

  6. Oh no Bodie, we finally decided on a trick to learn, even got quite a long way into teaching it (twas hanging up the washing from the washing basket onto the clothes horse) and then the freaking video camera broke. Yarg. Will work on somehow fixing it. Or else I'll put up a blank video and you'll just have to have a very creative imagination

  7. Well we've got as far as getting the treaties out to thaw and there is a hat, a dumbell, a clicker and a big new budget box of tissues on the table. Ready for the start of filming tomorrow night. What the....

  8. Oh Bodie - I'm IN!!! (although I don't know how much time my human will have ot do trick training with me what with house-hunting in Newcastle and all that!)

    Hey - speaking of being helpful - did you ever see my video from last year when Hsin-Yi was trying to teach me to draw the curtains back in my Auckland home??!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane