Saturday, November 20, 2010


Some of you might recall my post WALK ACROSS NZ a few months ago, well we have finally put our paw in the sand and decided we will do it on Sunday December 12 as we think that if we leave it till January it will be too doggone hot. Specially as us doggles have no zips on our fur coats and can't take em off.
So that we go the most directest route we thought we better do a reconaissance mission yesterday arvo and investigate the options. You want to do what? When? How far is that, and how do you propose we get home? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I actually have other plans for the afternoon, but I will see if one of my subcontractors is available for you.

One of my willing staff, Mrs Magoo at the beginning of the days mission.

Well you wouldn't read about it, we can do the first few clicks of our journey through bush, nice and shady, right in the middle of Auckland City. We have only lived here forever and look what you find when you pull your paw out!!!! It adds no distance to the 10km journey which is important, we don't intend putting any more mileage on these paws than we have to.

A WATERFALL, never seen one of these before, and its 10 minutes from our place. If we look hard enough do you think we will spot a hobbit?

We will have to be on a lead through all of here cos all of the wildlife and they have laid bait for bad critters.

How many wrong turns did you take on this mission?

Why is my staff drinking out of puddles? You what? You forgot to take water?

Your valued customer status is about to be revisited!

Well we think we have worked out the dogistics of this journey, we even have worked out a cunning plan on how not to have to walk back so check out the details below.

DATE: sunday 12 december

TIME: 5pm start

WHERE: pt chev beach harbour view rd pt chev (meet under trees near road look for the BT)

FINISH: green bay beach , portage rd green bay (est 7pm ish)

WOT TO BRING: your human, water, lots of energy

XTRA DETAILS: wispyk9s@hotmail.com


  1. Looks like you have the route all mapped out. Beautiful countryside. Love your ride home!!!!!
    Wished I could join you, a bit of warm weather right now would be nice LOL

  2. Looks like you have a lovely walk planned. The scenery is gorgeous. Wish we could join you, especially seeing you are nice and warm over there while we are freezing here where we live in Canada. Love the ride home!!! Have fun!!!

  3. Our human has a sore foot and leg so it doesn't look like we will be able to come along, she is only able to go for short walks :( what a shame!!! :(

  4. Oh that's not good, hope her foot gets better soon and that she can at least stand and throw the ball!!! We are planning something similar for winter next year so keep you posted. WOOF.

  5. Well Bodie, either by good luck or good management you've managed to choose the one single weekend day in December I'm not working (oh the joys of my stinking job) so you can sign us up for sure.

  6. Wow, dat looks pawsome my pals. Duz your taxi service have a number? Do you think they cover the UK?

  7. (sigh) Bodie - you don't know how much I wish I could join you!!!!! :-(

    Honey the Great Dane

  8. We wish you could be here too Honey. WOOFS

  9. Brody and Chace will be at Cambridge :-(

  10. Just found your blog today. I own a border terrier/jack russell - but she is 80% Border.
    Love her to bits and love taking her places and having adventures! I am going to enjoy reading all about yours.