Monday, December 6, 2010


On Friday I started learning my new trick for the Christmas competition. Afterwards we sat down to review our game plan and started looking at um yup - this...... that all good competitions say "the family of the organisers can not be in the competition". WHAT WOOF SNORT. Well Mum says that's okay cos I still am gonna learn a trick or two but we will post our trainings so you can see each step of what we do - fleas and all. And then we don't have to look as genius as Lassie. And then at the end when I've finished all my filming - Mum will edit the heck out of it and have me looking like the Return of Superdog Part I.

The trick I am learning is how to get Mum a tissue when she says ATISHOO. Mum has lots of allergies from foodables, we have offered to be her food tasters but she said she thinks getting her tissues might be a better idea. As we are master papershredders we are a bit dubious but hey, who are we to argue....

On my first training night I just did some practise retrieving just to get into the swing of it. Nope not this thing here as this is my fave toy and it is mine all mine and I don't surrender this to anyone. Unless of course I can trade up to another of these toys, or some noms.

I practised first on this which is what I first learnt to retrieve. A dumb dumb dumbell. And then Mums hat which I have retrieved for one of my dancy dances. And then a scent cloth which is getting closer to a tissue.

And of course the Moose had to do some helping so we had to tie her up as you can only train one Border Terrier at a time.

Well if you've got some time to watch here is my first two nights training. Uncut, no photoshopping to make me look like a model terrier or cutting out any bad bits. Sometimes you might wonder what Mum is clicking - well sometimes she got a bit clicker happy and shouldn't have clicked at all. And the other doggy noises in here is not all us. We live next door to two Westies and they get all excited when I am doing training. You will see here that at the end of my second session I can successfully stand in a tissue box, pretty useful hah??


  1. Love this post as always!!! I posted your "Hand Stripping" Video on www.borderjoy just now, it's so great, many thanks always for sharing such fun stuff!

    The Crew at Borderjoy.com :)

  2. Ooh - Bodie - LOVE the video!!! You look so cute in the first part - tail wagging like mad! And I loved how in the 2nd, you were just standing there confused (just like me - hee! hee!) and then suddenly got it. By the way, Hsin-Yi has a suggestion - she said that it can help if your human throws the treat away for you to get it, rather than feeding it from her hand - this moves you away from her & the object and so gives you a better chance of coming back and interacting with it again - rather than just hovering by the treat bowl! :-) But you seemed to get there in the end anyway! Can't wait to see the next part!

    I started my new "Take the socks off" trick yesterday! Hsin-Yi is wondering whether to continue after I nearly bit off her big toe but for the moment, we're persevering! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. Hsin-Yi says to tell your human that she loves the dress she's wearing during the clicker bit!