Saturday, September 4, 2010


Muuuuummm can you come and help me with my blog please, I have some news for my friends.

Nice profile shot

Nice head shot with backlighting

Sorry about that, I was scrolling round the computer and found the photos Mum took of me yesterday morning. Where was I?

Oh yeah, I want to show you what fabulous toys we got to play with yesterday. The broom is for me and the bouncy ball is for GOO. Our fave!!! And it's not even our birthday.

Magoo in action, she's a pretty good footballer, I can't even get the ball off her so I jest B A R K lots.

OOPs, more space junk. Usually GOO has to surrender the ball to Mum after about 10 minutes and it gets put away for another day. Either the ball has to die or Magoo would chase it till she is totally pooped. But "someone" was so busy on the camera that the ball died an untimely death. Still twas lots of fun.

It was a bit hard to take good action shots with a very fast Magoo so here's a movie to see yesterday in action.


  1. Magoo has taken to a life of crime like Zack - and killed another victim. No ball is safe. You and Zack related?

  2. Probably related yeah. Magoo is saving up her pocket money for another victim.

  3. Hahaha a broom Bodie??!! Really? You have such eclectic taste. The black cow thingies look like lots of fun. And also now I can't stop singing 'favourite things'. I hope the people at work tonight enjoy my hopeless rendition of it.

  4. Seeing as I have a houselot of black cow thingies Mum says I can share them with you. Remind her tomorrow at club she will put them in her bag now for you but her memory isn't good.

  5. Wow, wot a absolutely pawsome video! You guys do stuff I juss refuse to do. I wont chase and bring stuff and I dont play wiv balls. Mebbe I haz been misin out on some fun!!