Saturday, August 28, 2010


You know how they say "Two's Company, Threes A Crowd". Well to me that is a GOOD THING. Today me and my mates Garvie & Mozzie went to the bestest dog park in Auckland to let off some steam. 15 hectares of off lead grass, woods, cycling path, bird sanctuary. WOW!!! Here they are, that's Garvie on the left, and Mozzie. Why I like it when there are three of us is cos if its just 2 of us - me & Garvie - her Shepherd tendancies take over. Which means she gets upset if I do my terrier thing and numpty off in the foliage while everyone walks ahead. So she tries to round me up all the time. I mean really and truly - I know I've got my winter coat on but do I look like a white woolly sheep, mebbe dogs are colour blind like they say? When Mozzie is there too, well he runs about like a mad thing like her which means they ignore me and I can do terrier stuff and NUMPTY to my hearts content.
It's been really rainy here, lucky this morning we got some dry weather so nobody got rain wet but you can see my undercarriage is pretty brown..........................

As for Moz, he can't help hisself, Beardie + Water = SWIM. There's loads of water holes and streams at Waiatarua so he's into all of them and Wallows like a hippo. Dude, I just don't see the attraction.

Some people take their bikes there as its nice and safe especially if there are young peeps. I just have to be reminded to remove myself from the path.

Hmmmmmmm, I know Mozzie has set an example but I think I'm just coping with getting dirty up as far as I have to.

I have to report. I am still on the poxy diet. I have now lost a big number of 900. Whatever that means. All I know is I'm in a bit of trouble cos at the park Mum wondered why I got so far behind till she realised that we had walked past the pond where people feed the ducks. And yep - lip smacking good - I found a couple of slices of bread. I was just hoovering into the last crust when Mum cottoned on and came racing back for me. She is now wondering if I had one slice, three, or a whole loaf of bread. That'll give her sommat to sweat about.........

Home again, and cos I was pretty filfy it was straight into the shower!!! Once I was wet I think Mum could see what a mean lean racing maching I have turned into. Careful I don't disappear down the plughole!!!


  1. Oh, Bodie, I envy you! I haven't been to Waiatarua Reserve for a couple of weeks, because my humans don't want me to get muddy. What do you thing is wrong about getting muddy when humans do the most strange thing called facial mud pack?

  2. What a wonderful doggy park you have to play in with all your pals. Zack too would stop for some nummys left behind.

  3. Wow, wot a serioulsy kewl place my pal. So many dogggies to say ello to.