Monday, September 13, 2010


This weekend my buddy Max the Maltese and I jumped in the van and took off up to Mangawhai Beach for a guys weekend. We'd arranged to meet my friend Blackie the Border Terrier there. Actually Blackie is from the clan of Chytrugh as well so he's really one of my cuzzy bro's. That's me the shaggy guy on the left and Blackie in the middle - all is not as it appears!!!

Blackie thought he was just there for a mooching weekend but "someone who shall remain nameless" had a surprise in store for him. Dude, listen to me, run for it now.

I can see you are really not paying attention, instead of posing for the camera you might want to leg it back to your van...... I'm not gonna tell you again...

Ah well, too late now, mate, you are about to be stripped. Four hours if you're lucky, "someone who shall remain nameless" is not that quick about it. You're here for a long time not a good time.

What you looking at??

I did hear someone say that "Blackie was a perfect gentleman". So am I aren't I? Here's proof of me being a perfect gentleman. I shared my chair with Blackie.....

Let him drink out of my water bowl......

Lounge about all over my yellow blankie........ at least he didn't drop any hairs on it, he didn't have any hairs left poor sod.

Janna, could you bring out some treaties for me and my mate?

Shared my treaties....... how much more sharing is expected of a guy......

Even this weeks movie is all about Blackie.......... I too am a perfick gentleman.... mebbe just a barky one.



  1. I love the photo of you three walking together! I enjoyed the video too!!

  2. what a great first photo! It could almost be on a card!! :-)

    sounds like you guys had a great weekend - and gosh, Bodie, you're a generous soul - sharing all that stuff! By the way - why is Blackie called that when his face is so white??

    I liked your beautiful moody portrait shots in the last post too - and wow, Magoo was practically a blur in the movie! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Why is he called Blackie when he's really a Brownie? (that question is from Pepper) He is pretty damn cute.

  4. Us BTs come in three main colours kinda like this. 1) Black, 2) Grizzle - like me and Moose and Blackie, 3) Wheaten - think Strawberry blonde. When we are all born we have black puppy coats. These drop out when we are about three months old but our winter coats if we are black or grizzle have lots of black in them. So Blackie would have had his black puppy coat on him when he was named. And he was pretty black too till last year when Mum pulled his coat out for the first time ever when he turned into "Brownie".