Saturday, August 7, 2010


Can you work out what this picture is my friends?

Yeah, that's right, the bad four letter word around my house at the moment is D I E T. I went to the vet for a check up a couple of weeks ago and as usual they told me to step on the scales. Mum didn't seem to like the big number that came up on the picture and so said we were going to get me a smaller number. Sounded okay till I learnt what D I E T actually means. "A starvathon - HELP ME MY FRIENDS - SEND FOODABLES QUICK!!!

First Mum had to go out and buy something called scales, cos she didn't have any. And now every week Mum and I have to climb on here and look for my smaller number. And then Mum has to climb on by herself and then do something called minuses. She got all excited yesterday morning cos after doing her minuses it looked like the number we wanted but she didn't believe it and did her minuses again. 14 - 7 = 7 Mum, not 1. It was early in the morning and she hadn't put her battery in her brain.

She and Mrs Magoo have something called a metabolism, and Mum says their metabolism is like a racing sardine, they just have to think of going for a walk and they get skinny. It seems that my metabolism isn't a racing one and I just need to think about food and ...... yep. Do you think I maybe don't have a metabolism Mum, maybe we could go to the Warehouse and buy one?

Up till now we've been calling my chunkedness "winter coat" but after the vet visit that argument was found to have a few holes. See still pretty cute aye but as my intention is to live a long life I've got to shed a couple of ks.

Hey , betcha can't do this, touch your nose and stand on three paws!!!

Also had to get some food weighing scales. The number on here for my food has to be a 90 or smaller. Thats rabbit on there, thats Magoo food, I don't touch rabbit.

Well these photos were taken 2 weeks ago and so far I have lost 700. Where did it go Mum?
(In April I changed Bodie and Goo onto a raw food diet. Goo was so disinterested in kibble and her skin not that good even though it was special kibble for her sensitive skin. And I wanted to shed a half a k off Bodie but didn't realise that the diet rations meant that I should have been feeding him 1% of the weight I wanted him to be, not 1% of the weight he was. And with no scales, wasn't really doing it properly at all. So our aim is to shed 1.5kgs over a month which is a fairly methodical way of doing it. And then he can go back onto 2% of his body weight to maintain current. They love the raw food, they get raw mince with the organ meats and bone ground up in it. Chicken necks, green tripe and the occasional canon bone which usually has just enough meat on for their dinner and keeps them quiet and amused for 3 hours. The other options in the raw range include rabbit , hare, fish, and possum. Magoo is up for rabbit and hare but I think Bodie just finds it too gamey. And to fill him up if he needs it he gets a bowl of green veges broccoli and cauli and courgette with an OXO cube sauce poured over which he loves two nights a week instead of the meat. ed)
Heres a link to the first attempt at eating hare for them.


  1. Oh, that doesn't sound like fun! My mum checks my weight every week, and she says that I have gained some weight in the last few weeks. It seems that I am going to be put on a diet too...

  2. I simpafize my chums. I be on a diet too and so be Lola. We is not appy bout it but iz better than bein unelffy I guess.

  3. Hahaha this made me laugh so hard, especially the bit about your winter coat. Good luck, hope your wee tummy isn't grumbling too much.
    Em & Pepper

  4. Hi Bodie - so sorry I haven't visited in ages - my human's been awfully busy and then we've been having tons of computer problems! So I'm so behind with visiting friends.

    Gosh - I had heard that rumour about your "winter coat" but I must say, until I saw the pictures, I never realised...!!! OK - ahem - I hate to say this, Bodie, but you do look like you could stand to lose a few kilos. I liked you better the way you looked when we were dancing partners - maybe you need to do more dancing again to burn up those calories! :-)

    I really laughed at your comments about metabolism. I think I've got one like Magoo's coz I never seem to put on my weight - in fact, my humans keep trying to get me to put on a few more kilos but I seem to be getting a bit bony and scrawny in my old age. But Hsin-Yi says she can relate to you coz her metabolism has started getting a bit sleepy now that she's getting older and so she can't stuff her face like she used to without HER number on the scales going up too! So she's making herself do more exercise...excrpt that just makes her more hungry again! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Hope the diet goes well. Just found your blog - it's great. I'm owned by a BT called Lottie and Scottie called Fergus aka Bog.

  6. Zack is a weird border terrier who is not much into his food. I on the other hand have had to deal with the four letter D-I-E-T since birth!!! LOL

  7. We reckon we'll have a good number nailed in two weeks. I think Mrs Magoo is getting more than me for tea at the mo, but she won't let me look in her bowl to check!!! BODIE