Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Last weekend Mrs Magoo came with all us doggies for Queens Holiday weekend to a town near Kaiaua starting with "W" where I went a couple of weeks ago. So here she is posing in my bed with Brody and Moss in the back of the bus.

Space is at a premium this weekend with 8 doggies and two buses, rent is obviously high. Mummm, Onny doesn't want to share with me. As I am the king of this bus, I demand an upgrade.

Phew, thats better, a luxury suite for me, and Onny gets his own bachelor pad as well. Now we's all happy campers.

And here's the happiest camper of the lot, Brody with the penthouse appartment. You comfy there Brody, you want someone to bring you some water or a bone or something? You warm enough?? No don't get up, we'll get it for you....

It wasn't all lounging about, even though it was blustery and rainy we did the big beach thing, walking, swimming and rolling in stinky fish heads.

Don't be silly of course that is not me swimming, it is Mrs Magoo, she is the daredevil of the family. That water was way deep and cold and she just dived on in.

Here I am - with my allergies to water I'm making sure I'm safe and sound just happy watching. Don't those guys know its deepest darkest winter. Nuts.

Me forging the way ahead of the pack, I'm the speedy blur at the front, Goo is towing on a lead, she gets too excited if she gets off and would probably go racing off after rabbits or anything moving.

All too much for GOO, being carried back.

Unfortuately we didn't discover till the way back that Magoos frantic scrambling & towing over the smooth stones meant that she wore two pads off her back feet. So the next three days in a collar so that they could heal. Poor wee girl. They are now pretty good, we will be putting some cream on tonight and making sure it has a good couple of hours to do some magic before being licked off. (ed)



  1. What a fantastic weekend you had despite the weather! I am envious. I hope Mrs Magoo's paw will heel soon.

  2. Oh poor Mrs Magoo, hope her wee paws get better soon. She looks rather disgruntled in her cone of shame. We actually went out to NSDTC on Tuesday and have joined up, thanks so much for the kind offer of a lift :) We're really impressed by the club and excited to get back into training. I tried to keep an eye out for you to introduce ourselves as Hsin-Yi said you train there but there were so many dogs and people, we were a tad overwhelmed, hopefully next week! Peppers 1st birthday is at the end of this month so we're signing up for the next round of beginners agility. Can't wait :)

  3. I agree Bodie, water do be orrid and I dont go in it. I send some healing wuzzes for Mrs Magoo.