Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Oh man am I ever bored.   This is what I have been doing for 10 days.   Absoloodely dog gone NOTHING.

And this is why.  I've been looking after GOO.   She had to go to the vet and have her front dew claws removed because they had got infected and she kept chewing on them.   And so that she didn't have to keep going on dog medicine all the time which is not good for us doggies she had an operation to fix them once and for all.   Here she is modelling her Jimmy Choos.

So we have had 10 days of mind blowingly boring lounging about.  I mean hey, I'm a laid back kinda guy but this has been ridiculous.

Yep, more staring at the wall

Every time she went outside GOO had to put on her gumboots so as not to get her bandages wet.

My buddie Mozzie the Beardie came over one rainy day to hang with us and we watched TV.

Had a head massage

Tried my bestest to sneak in a game of tug.

Even unearthed the secret store of tug toys that Mum is meant to be selling.  Now this is a serious score.   But still no game as Magoo wasn't allowed to run about.

I did get to go out once or twice so as not to go STIR CRAZY.  Two fried terriers in the house is not to be reckoned with.   So me and my friend Max went and checked on some p'mail.

GOO has her bandages off now we're pleased to tell you,  me especially.  So hopefully we will have something more exciting to tell you about next post.


  1. Oh no - poor Magoo!! Although I must say, her paw wear looked very stylish! I've had my dewclaws removed since a puppy so I've never had any trouble with them but I can imagine how that must have hurt - ouch!

    Hee! hee! I had a little giggle at the photo of you with the udder tugs...my human thought - wow, since when did they become so fancy? they're usually all dirty and encrusted in stuff when we bought them from the pet stores! then we read about your human selling them - she must have fancied them up! ;-)

    Anyway, glad to hear that you're out of 'confinement' and looking forward to your new adventures soon!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Poor goo, but at least she has very stylish bandages!

  3. Cookie had dew claws that often got torn by accident, but I don't have that problem because my breeder had my dew claws taken when I was newly born.

    It's nice of Mozzie to come over to spend time with you two on a rainy day. Max is a cute boy. I want a friend like him.

    I am glad to hear that Mrs Magoo's bandages are now off and you can have regular walks again!


  4. Poor Goo but those are very groovy bandages. Hope you haven't gone too stir crazy.
    Emily & Pepper