Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Cold, wet, windy, winter is here, which means the dreaded return of my dopey coat. Do I look a right twat or what? The good thing about winter is we get to do our trainings at an indoor venue.

We are having bloggy problems at the moment and having trouble working out the "new" , "updated", "helpful" thingys. Mum is a kiwi and kiwis don't read manuals real well - they like to build things with a bit of #8 wire and do crash and burn stuff instead, kinda like us Border Terriers I guess. So instead of embedding our video if you wanna watch our trainings here's the You Tube link, phew we still know how to do that. This might be the first time you have seen Mrs Magoo doing tricks and stuff, she's obviously been copying my homework. And now I can do the "spins" without Mum waving her arms around like a helicopter. Good work Mum, you were listening at your trainings in Australia.



  1. Hellooooooooo and woof for you my chums. Nice to meet you and fanks for visitin my blog

  2. Thanks for checking my blog too. Zack is much more alert today and zooming round everywhere. We too are very wet here. Under a rainfall warning and just an hour west of here in the mountains it is a snowfall warning!!!! Crikey it's nearly June, what the heck....Zack says - no not the winter boots!!!!

  3. Your coat looks really warm! I want one for winter as I hate cold weather.

    I enjoyed watching Mrs Magoo doing tricks. You must come to the class on Thursday so that we can dance together!!