Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've just been up to Pahi on the Kaipara Harbour for the weekend to stay with my buddies Cracker the Corgi, Bertie the Poodle and Jonty the Australian Shepherd.

This is my speed, sunbathing on the deck with Jonty.....

Hanging around the ranch with Bertie

But no, we had to do the "beach walk" thing didn't we. What is wrong with lounging about? You've got to be joking, it's mid May and that's not looking like fun to me.

I should be able to stay out of trouble up here I think.

Oh this is not looking good, how am I gonna get round there, I'm already getting my tootsies wet.

Time to bail out folks.


Mum I can't take any more can you carry me, Bertie got carried round.

Made it and lived to tell the tale, back to my usual position. How did Cracker make it through that big ocean on his short wee legs? Gee Cracker you're brave.

Bye guys, back to the big smoke. I'm a city guy, where's my couch.

(Bodie WAS carried through the deep bits ie any droplet past his kneecaps. And no - the water was not cold even though it is May. Bertie was also carried mainly because a poodles coat takes so long to dry. Look on the bright side, a dog that doesn't like water goes home clean and dry, well apart from the rolling in smelly things - ED)


  1. Oh no, Bodie! You weren't *carried*??!! Where is your manly pride!! :-) I thought you Kiwi chaps are supposed to be "tough guys"??!! :-) C'mon! I would have expected you to be 'Iron Dog'!! :-)

    Actually, I have to say - when I saw your photos - I was thinking: Beach? What beach? That just looked like a lot of water and some hard rocks & pebbles on the edge!
    And I DON'T believe the water wasn't cold! It was cold even in summer when we were living back in Auckland!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. ps. Hsin-Yi says to tell your human that she thinks your human's photography skills are really improving! Those are great photos - not only clear but framed really well!

  3. giggle, thats our bodie! Onny says your a wally bodes!