Friday, May 7, 2010


I've been on a mission this week. Mum found out that Norwood the Auzzie Blue Heeler X was holding a Film competition and the entries have to be in this weekend!!! Seeing as I am the Fred Astaire of dog dancing our entry was for the entertainment section. I've been on the go all week.

Am a bit exhausted, had a busy day. Got any treats?

Teaching Mum how to do the paw touches. I started our training way way back with a clicker. A clicker "marked" every movement that I had to do. So now I know that a "click" means I'll get a treat eventually too. Our paw touches first started with Mum in front and then she moved them to stand over me like here, or if you're really clever like me you can tap the back of your humans feet.

Here's the other paw up. Not as high on this one, cos I haven't got a hand to tap.

The beg position. Mmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm, theres probably a treatie in that hand methinks.

And the hind leg stand. I used to walk round the house like this. Probably cos I'm a tad short and the benches where all the food are are so tall. I often get told "ALL FOUR FEET ON THE FLOOR PLEASE"

Here's my entry for the "Pawdance Film Festival". I was picked for the starring role thanks to my agent.


  1. Bodie!! I LOVE this post!! Who took all those great action photos of you? (aside from the first one!) - you should do more posts like this! I love the close-ups and getting up close & personal with your trainings.

    Hey - my human is only just starting to teach me to tap her feet from behind...um...am still a bit confused about it and keep trying to smack her bum because that's what I've always done before - why should I aim lower at the feet now?

    LOVE your Pawdance entry! I've just done mine too! Good luck!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Yay, Bodie! You are a movie star! Could you please give me your pawtograph?