Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mount Maunganui

It's coming up to the end of summer so we are fitting in as many beach weekends as we can. This weekend we went to Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty. Here's me on a big trek up the beach towards the Mount. Beautiful beach, beautiful day and we have it to ourselves pretty much. Paradise!! The mount is at least 5km away , please tell me I don't have to walk that far. We stayed with Ashleigh the cats Nana & Poppa, they live right by the beach. Here's me again, guest of honour.

I hadn't been there more than 5 minutes and I was in the dog box. See they have this beautiful garden and the latest edition is this "living teddy" which is a teddy bear plant bout as big as me. Well I "marked" Ted didn't I. So Ash's poppa came racing out with a watering can to drown poor teddy with water in case I'd killed him. Huh???

Here's another artwork in the garden they made of tiles. I couldn't kill this one.

And next off we have pictures of Ashleighs cousins Bronson & Simba. Look at the coats on those two guys, bet they can cough up some awesome furballs!! Mum says that's one good thing about dogs, we don't list furballs amongst our horrible habits.

Me in the car with Emma & Liam, more of Ash the cats rellies. They used to be reeeeally scared of us doggies but two weeks ago when I was in Mangawhai they came round to our place and played with Magoo and they loveeeeeeeeeeeed Magoo. And this weekend they just thought I was the bees knees. Here we are off to the beach. Usually Liam and Emma fight about who is going to sit in the front seat with their Mum but here we are all squashed in the back so that we can all fit with Lord Bodie. (On the way back from the beach I got to sit in the front booster seat all by myself). Choice!!!

We went to Mt Maunganui to pick up fish and chips and have them on the beach as the sun went down. While we waited outside the shops I taught Liam & Emma how to walk me on a lead, here's me with Liam.

And now with Emma...

Still waiting for those fish and chips. Showing off our tricks to our big crowd. For goodness sake, what is Mum wearing, busking in the mainstreet and she hasn't even got dressed up. At least I always put my best coat on!!

The next day was pretty relaxing, got up late, went for a walk on the beach.


  1. Oh Bodie - I just love that first picture and am sooooo jealous!!! I wish I could have joined you.

    Gosh - you look like you had a packed weekend...nice of you to teach the kids how to walk properly but hey, I think you need to have a talk with your human. Busking in the street?? whatever next??!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Wow, Bodie, I envy you! Your mum takes you to many different places!