Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I've been told that I have to share my blog today with lots of other doggies, not just Border Terriers and my buddies!!!! I'll try. On Sunday Purina held a big Bark in the Park fun day at my favourite off lead park Waiatarua Reserve. Except cos there were lots of doggies there we all had to be on lead. All us dogs got a special scarf for the day. Looks like the scarves came in only one size. This guys drowning in his.
One of the big attractions of the day was the beauty parlour, you should have seen the queue. Here's a schnauzer getting his eyebrows trimmed and tweezed.

Just in case you were missing me here's another shot of me in my scarf. (Bodie, get on with it - ed) Ok ok, you want to see some different dogs, I can't understand why....

A Westie waiting for his turn at the Poodle Parlour.

A bull mastiff, hey Honey did this guy enter the drool competition??

And another bull mastiff, he looks like he's settled in for the day.

My cousin Finnegan the schnitzel.

There were lots of demos going on during the day like Agility, Flygility, Customs dogs and Dancing dogs. Heres my buddy Moss doing some warm ups for his dance.

And Brody going over his manoevres.

Mozzie the Beardie

Apollus the Siberian Husky

I'll get in trouble if I smuggle in any more photos of me. But if you want to see some of the dancing, and some more of Bark in the park check this out.


  1. Great video, especially like the photo of Mozzie. Looks like you all had a fun day!

    Woof, woof - Fergus

  2. Ooh, Bodie - I'm sorry I couldn't join the team like always but it looks like you guys put on a great show!! Love all the photos of the doggies too - my, your human has been really busy honing her photography skills! They're great shots!

    And the video is awesome too - I'm so impressed to see Apollus performing!

    Honey the Great Dane