Monday, March 1, 2010


We're pretty lucky dogs in New Zealand as we have so many beaches and areas that us four leggeds are allowed to run about in. At the beaches in summer we're usually allowed on the beach after 4pm out of the Cities or after 7pm in the city areas. This is up at Mangawhai which is 90 minutes north of Auckland City so after 4pm we are allowed to run about and play. This is low tide in the estuary and there were still lots of deep pools that even the humans could swim in, if they wanted. My buddy Bailey and I aren't really water babes so this is pretty adventurous. "Are your paws wet Bails?"

That's enough of humouring the humans on how much we like water, lets get out of it. Follow me.

Game on, but don't jump on me Bailey, I'm only little - well littler than you anyway...

Ok have had enough, can we go get an icecream round about now??

Bailey's Grandma & Granddad were over for the summer from a faraway place called Glasgow in Scotland. Hey, I think that's near where Border Terriers come from. They had been in minus 28 degrees and snow a few weeks ago and now they are in plus 25 degrees in New Zealand. So I think they're a tad hot. This was at Bennetts at Mangawhai, a big chocolate shop where they make their own chocolates and you can even watch. Well Bailey and I couldn't grrrrrrrrrrrr - something to do with "cleanliness is next to dogliness" but we were allowed in to sit in the cafe. This is me & Bailey doing our best behaved "Cafe Dog" impersonation.

Back to the bach, PLAYBOW. Bailey you can't still want to play, really.... it's hot...

Yep, she's still going,.

look at the thermometer - enough already

phew pooped


  1. It seems you had a great time with your friend Bailey on the beach! That's great!! I went to St Heliers Beach and Kohimarama Beach the other day, but Mum didn't let me walk on the beach. Instead I walked on a footpath along Tamaki Drive. I prefer walking on the beach though...

  2. Wow, Bodie - you went to a CHOCOLATE CAFE?? You lucky pup!!! My human thought that photo of you guys by the cafe table with the Grandma & Grandpa looked like Italy or Greece or something! I'll bet they're enjoying the warm weather & sunshine!

    Honey the Great Dane