Thursday, February 18, 2010


Last weekend I met up with 20 other dogs from around the country for New Zealands first ever Paws N Music camp at Turangi Holiday Park. It's usually where the skiers stay in winter but in summer it was the perfect place for all us dogs and our humans. No I didn't drive the van down, I am only 5, I'm just waiting..... patiently....... for Mum to hurry up and pack. First we have to go and pick up my Border Brothers Moss and Onny.
Lets blow this popsicle stand and get the show on the road!

There were lots of things going on all weekend so that dogs who were beginners could start learning tricks and there was a class on computers and dancing for the humans as well. So after some intense training for us we would get to rest and hang about outside with our mates. Me again lining up for a fancy dance move, maybe a weave, not sure how I'm going to weave through there - do you think I'm a chihuahua?

Morning tea time and taking our humans for a walk.

Fergus the Beardie doing his weaves

More downtime, we've obviously got a great union. Andrea brought us a huge pile of my favourite toys, milking teats. Here's True checking them out for any flaws.

Back into class and thinking hard about spinning in time with the music
Cinnamon the Beagle balancing on a ball. I still have a lot to learn by the looks of it. Mmmm, might mean more treats....

If you'd like to see us all in action here's a link to our antics on You Tube



  1. Hi Bodie,

    I had a great time at the camp too! But, we didn't have much time to play together as our humans were so busy talking and listening, did we? I hope they will give us more chance to socialise next time! Having some fun play time each morning might not be a bad idea...

    You are right. I would do anything for treats. That's how I learnt balancing on a ball.


  2. Hey Bodie - dancing buddy!! Am so sorry I couldn't come to your camp with you - it looked like a lotta fun!! (Although I did have a good giggle at the humans trying to dance in your video...good thing they have us dogs as partners to lead them, huh - otherwise they'd be hopeless!)

    And hey - I LOVE that photo of you in the driver's seat!!! EXACTLY where a terrier should be in life! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane