Sunday, January 31, 2010


It's Auckland Anniversary weekend so we're off in my mobile home to Rotorua for the dogshow. Not sure why I am not centre front of this publicity shot seeing as this is my blog. First show of the year so we are all just getting over Christmas and haven't been training very hard at all. Someone said I looked like I was out for a Sunday stroll !!! How rude - I think I look like I'm trying very hard here. My only faux pax at this show was standing up in the recall and trying to dig up and eat the judges ground marker. It was calling out for a taste test, what could I do?

"Are you Ready?" One momento - what's that going on over there. I think we parked our treaty box out there somewhere.

Quick Mum, take it, I think I'm gonna swallow it.

The "sit stay", prelude to my favourite "down stay" aka the two minute snooze in the sun.

How's this for a fine pack of BORDERS. I'm the good looking one in the middle.


Here's a video of all my buddies if you have a few minutes take a look.

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  1. Hi Bodie, wow, you're a really talented dog, I'm so impressed. Dog shows look like alot of fun, I'm a bit too young to be doing that sort of thing at the moment but hopefully soon! Love the picture of all the borders.