Friday, December 18, 2009


In April my friend Honey phoned and asked if I could be in a photo shoot with her. This was for a book that was being published in America and the photographer Rachael Hale http://www.sitereviewboard.com/reviews-ra/rachaelhale-com.html wanted us for a photo with 7 dogs all sitting nicely together. Of course Honey - let me know the time and date and I will book it in my diary. First we went to a park to all have a play together. I knew most of these guys already cos we go for walks and hang together, which makes it lots easier to do something like this.
Next up, we went to the studio. Here we all are - waiting to go in. Is our hair looking good, ears perked up and whiskers on straight? Is the lighting favourable?
Now we're getting all lined up and sitting really close together for our big pose...

Here's a link to the book. http://thoughtsfurpaws.com/dogs/book-review-why-dogs-are-better-than-cats-pet-product-of-the-week/
Heres me
When we finished the big group photo Rachael Hale said we could all have our photos done one by one.On the cute scale what do you reckon? (copyright Rachael Hale 2009)
And then she took some photos of me dancing!!! (copyright Rachael Hale 2009)
(copyright Rachael Hale 2009)

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