Thursday, December 3, 2009

"For One Night Only"

I've got some really sad news. My friend Honey is moving to Australia and leaving us. So last night we had a farewell party and played some games and all had to say Goodbye.

Everyone was really sad to have to say Goodbye to Honey & Hsin-Yi

As a farewell we gave Honey a present. Heres Honey doing some damage to the wrapping paper. I guess she won't be "folding that away and recycling". We gave her this HUGE bouncy ball with holes in it that you can put treats in. Did someone mention TREATS? Mum, can I have one that big too? Christmas is coming up.

At our farewell party we played a fun game called 1 minute busking. Everyone drew a human out of the hat so we didn't get our own humans to dance with. The humans then got 20 seconds of a song to listen to, and then they had to dance with us for a minute. This is me with Amy and Honey. Honey got Amy first but as the humans thought that might be a bit tricky I got to dance with Amy instead. Which was good cos Amy always plays with me at dance school and takes me on races right round the whole stadium. And she can do weaves with me.

This is Baxter the Pomeranian showing off his dance moves. Baxter is reeeeeeeeeeealllly good at spins. And he doesn't seem to get dizzy.

This is my buddy Brody - we are known as the two Odies. We had to show you this photo as no one has seen Brody like this except his Mum. We think the excitement wore him out. But he had been at school all day with his Mum and then his name seemed to keep coming out of the draw for Busking. Hope he got to wag school on Friday and lie in bed all day.

Earlier this week Honey & me were asked to do our pairs routine for Manukau Club's Christmas Party. I've finally found my mojo and now my Dancing Queen is moving across the ditch to Australia. HUH, gutted!!! Here it is our "One Night Only Performance" - hope you enjoy it.

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