Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Mum's a bit sad. She took her bike into the bike shop today and it didn't come home. All that came home was the saddle bag, the drink rack and the FOZZY BEAR bell.
It was only 6 years old, heck thats as old as I am, but it had done 24,000 kilometres. So I think it was just a bit tired. I'm just tired thinking about it.
On a brighter note, it's been Christmas so check out some of our Chrissie prezzies. Aunty Jan got us a Border Collie each. We were only allowed to "look" at them on Christmas day but then Aunty Jan said "Its Christmas - let them have them". So that was the last Mum got to look at them. She thought they were quite cute.
It's the eyes, why do Border Collies have to "look at you"?
Abandoned Border Collie puppy - Magoo, what sort of a mother are you!!
You could have just wrapped some grass and I'm a happy wee dog.

Aunty Kirsty made us some yummy peanut butter biscuits and some yummy beef biscuits. Check these out, HOMEMADE DOG BISCUITS!!! Mum was blown away, she is impressed by anyone who knows how to use an oven. She says we have one cos it came with the house. And that the fridge is a safer bet for us.
Those wouldn't be our special biskies would they? They might go off if they have to sit there too long, what do you reckon? These are totally natural biskies and don't have gelling agents and maize thickener and anything starting with big chemistry words with numbers after them. So YUM!!
Can I have it now, can I can I. How long do I have to hold this pose. Its calling me closer......


  1. Hee! Hee! Oh Bodie - that last picture of you had me in stitches! Although I can totally sympathise coz that's what my human does to me too - although in my case, I'm usually drooling such a big puddle that it makes her shriek and quickly give it to me - ha! ha!

    I loved this post and catching up on all you've been doing! GOsh, those are some great Christmas pressies! Homemade cookies - YUM! And those Border Collie stuffies...God, even THEY look like they're full of drive & attention! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Hi Bodie,

    Happy New Year! Honey the Great Dane has told me that you also have your own blog. I think you are a very lucky doggy. I didn't get anything edible for Christmas presents. I look forward to seeing you at the dancing class when it starts again in February!