Wednesday, August 17, 2016


 I don't like to walk on a lead
Thats no fun
 Tis better to wander
And snooter till done
 There's no hurry let's amble
And sniff round the hood
 That's the best doggy walk
A slow shuffle is good
 So don't make me walk fast and surely not run
If you try to set pace  I'll just sit on me bum
 And while I'm sat lookin all woeful and sad
I hope you're guilt ridden and feeling real bad
 Mum's losin the will - goin into a coma
Would you speed it up Bodie,  I want to go home
 Words like "hurry along" and "Rattle your dags"
Make me dig in me toes , just see how I lags
 My pace starts to wane, poor me bout to die
Mums planning my requiem  a tear in her eye
 If I play my cards right,  and Mums in a grump
She hoists up to carry 10 kilos of lump
 We turn towards home, my compass is set
The smells on my walk,  I'll never forget
 As I race up the steps and bound in the door
High five to young Euan, grab my toy off the floor
Play with me Mum, how fast I can run
I've spare energy to burn,  let's have some fun

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