Monday, August 29, 2016


 The three amigos on a mid winter break somewhere in the middle.
 I'm on holiday, I don't get out of second gear.
 Two bums in the forest
 13kms today again, such a big job,  time for a rest.
 Euan on the trail of rabbit.  Quick get ready to stomp on his lead.
 Euan did think he had to track us out of the walk, nose to the grind all the way back.
 Later back at Dog Island - Can someone please throw a stick?
 Doin what I do best.   Posin
 Quick, take the photo....
 Going,  going.........
 There be rabbits
 Posin does be hard work for Euan.
 Euan did put his big pants on and walked all the way across the swing bridge without turning a hair.   Mum was gobsmacked.
 Big job done.
 Ringside seat, waiting for the show to begin.
 The show.
 View from the mosh pit
 Neighbourhood busybodies
 Throw the stick, throw the stick.   Yeah nah,  just kidding.
 Borders borders borders
 Still walkin - energy to burn
 We did pretty much have the place all to ourselves.
Paradise.   Top Secret Locayshun #2

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