Saturday, September 12, 2015


 I have had a furry busy week - more about that in the next post.  So busy that today I stayed home for some ZZZs and sent Euan out for the big Saturday walk.
 Woodhill Forest - my fave haunt.   Let the fun begin.
Be with you in a mo
 This is Euans very favest part cos he loves the scratchy grass round here and he loves the sand duney bit.   Great for zoomies.
Wait for me
 We did meet this lovely spaniel that wanted to say hello but....
Stella leading the procession off the edge of the werld....
 ....we're not sure that Euan even said "How Do" to the lovely spaniel...
Bit busy at the mo scratching my tum.....
 Awwwww,   a morning in heaven....   rock n roll
 Oh you're leaving already?    Bye then.....
A wee while later - Murphys Law struck.   Euan found a wee dog rawhide knotted bone,  brand new looking on the forest floor.   As you do in the middle of nowhere.
 Mum was NOT amused.  Why couldn't one of the big dogs have found it.  What was it doing there, did it drop from heaven?
 So,   it looked like everyone was going to be in for the long wait cos there is no catching a dog with a hard won bone is there?  Specially when Mum never gets these bones for us for good reason.  Mum was busily throwing Superior chunky ahead of Euan to lure him off it   - to no avail.
After Euan had chewed the knots loose he proceeded to gag it down and gurge it back up ready for another death defying go at it.   Mum had sneaked around the back of him by this stage and made a grab of his sticky up tail specially designed to pull us out of fox holes'.  This trick also works on rescuin us from gurged up bones too apawrently.    Saved the day.  Phew.
Oh you're both back.   Did you have a lovely time?


  1. We wish we could join you! Well, except for the finding of good treats!

    Monty and Harlow

  2. Phew.....good job yoo haz save him my pal....if yoo need bone disposin of den let I kno