Saturday, August 29, 2015


 Yes,   it's 2 years today - how time flies.   The terriorist is now a teenager. 
 Good Morning,  what do you mean I have to get up?  Its Sunday... isn't lying in mandatory?
What you mean he's not having a party this year and I am Chief Entertainment Officer.   
This is sounding like a cop out.   I have rights I'll let you know!!!
 You can see Euan got dressed up for his par - tay!!!   No it wasn't Westie fancy dress.  
He jes looks like this at the mo and Mum couldn't help but jizzz up his do.
 Well needs must and all that.  Lets get this party started with a bit of Simon Says.
 He's taking a bit of warming up.  Or maybe I'm just doing my warm ups.  Wot evs.
 This is as exciting as I get but watch and see.   It works.
Now hes getting it......   Simon says......
 show us yer teef.....
 Oh eck,  now someones turned ''is batteries on
 All on for young and the not so young
 The trials and tribulations of being CEO
 Proceedings adjourned to the great outside
 As for presents n such he jes got one big balloon
 Ohhhhhhhhhhhh very scary thing..............
My name is Euan and this is my present....


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  2. big peanut Euan!!!!!!! have fun, but dont crack that one!

  3. Euan, you have a great mum!! Our mum didn't give me, Cinnamon, or do anything on my 8th birthday!