Friday, May 29, 2015


 Today being a very special day we started the day off with my favouritist game.
 The ginga ninja my trusty partner in crime at my side.
 See how early it was, Mum is to be commended for dragging her carcass out of bed.
Me n the early morning sunshiny lizard.  Who knew it was this beautiful this early in the mornings?
 Ok,  hurry up with the photos, its actually flipping freezing, my paws is gonna drop off.
Some morning treaties before Mum went off to a conference.  Bout Dogs - of course.
 So this evenin - a guy has to dress for those special 'casions don't ya think?
 My dinner partner even dressed in his camos.  Think he woulda preferred commando to camos, the scary velcro doesnae impress him.
 Candles for some bro mance......
 Oh My -  Dog, food for efferyone, some waters for Mum and chickens for all the fandamily.
 Me waiting ever so patienty for my cake to be built. Rattle your dags Mum, a guy could die of starvation while you spells me name.
 Ah, lookit that a work of art.  And no one gonna die of Mums cooking.  Chicken and Black pudding cake.  To die for.   If you haven't guessed it already.  Happy Birthday to Me.  11!!!!

 Some for me n some for Euan McEwan.   
CHEERS!   Here's to another fine year of tuggies, smooches, walks, naps n wuzzes.
The Bodester


  1. Happy Birthday Bodie :) Looks like you had a pawesome day :) Your Birthday cake looked delicious. Milo & Jet

  2. Appy burfdee my old pal and i do be sorree to be so late in reedin bowt it ere...been bizee