Monday, September 1, 2014


Bonnie, Clyde, Euan, Yoshi
Lets Get The Partay Started.
Clyde, Bonnie
 Twas a big day this weekend.  Euan turned one and there was a big party for his brothers and sister.
 I spy wif my beady eye, something beginning with lambies!!!
They hadn't seen each other since they were 8 weeks old but all got along like a house on fire.
 Jumping ginger!!!
 Round and round and round the pool
 Back the other way,  round and round and round the pool....
 Has anyone seen my brothers n sister?  How could I lose them?
 News of the party must have spread.  We had some of these turn up!!
What you lot doin back here then?  I thought you'd packed yer bags.
 Our Mum Nessie got to relax with the hoomans inside.
 Gather round lads - they've got to come out soon.
 Follow me - We're In!!
 Pleeease let me in.  I promise to sit quietly by the couch and just have pats.
The cake was also for William whos birthday it was too.  Happy Birthday William.
 Thanks for our party and letting us run riot.  We all think our brothers and sisters are fab.
 Doggy bags for to take home.
And thanks Yoshi for the squeaky toy.  Mum can now plot Euans squeaky progress round the house.

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  1. Dat be absolutlee pawsome pawty my pals….yoo haz yore own posse now I be finkin