Friday, August 22, 2014


Last weekend did see us packed up in the van early Saturday morning and off down South to Paeroa for the weekend.   The race track is up for sale so we camped out there for the night. Had the place virtually to ourselves we did.
 Is this called breakin and enterin?  Aunty Janna showin us how its done.
 Doin our own private investigations,  no horse poop sadly, who would've thought!!!
And here they come runnin down the track thats Euan ahead by a nose, followed closely by the Bodester.  Ok so its more n a nose, if you wanna be pedantic about it.  I was on a poop findin mission okay!!
Did you know that a horse track is nearly 2 kays right round.  Thats a long way for our hairy little legs.  Smells to be sniffed, drains to be investigated, dogs to be barked at, took quite a while.
 Followed up by some campsite shennanigans,  practising the art of levitation.
Mum did wear her slippers ALL weekend,  even round town,  sheesh whats the world coming to?  Standards are slippin.
Sunday morning started off really foggy,  it got a bit sunny by 0900 but then back to foggy again,  didn't lift till 11am.
 Still,  that didn't stop us from gettin oot and aboot.
 Morning zoomies
 Followed by a spot of duck hunting,  is it hunting season?
 A cute wee hoose, that looks bout right for us,  would our couch fit in here? 
Foggy bottoms.   Lader.

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  1. I wuz livin neer da orses too my pal…Lola like walkin on da race corse…..