Saturday, May 17, 2014


Another nice frolic out in the forest today with some new friends.   This here is Pepper who decided to join us for the first part of our walk.   Hasn't she got beautiful eyes!!!
Unlike our hairy little selves Pepper is a swimming border.    And gave Mozzie a swim for his money chasing after his tennis balls.
Euan seems to have perfected some really whacky moves in his 8 short months. Showing off his superdog move to his new friend Pepper.
 And not sure if he is eyeing up Pepper or the ball .....
Also on todays walk was Bonnie the Wowser.  She is 11 months old and is a Westie Schnauzer cross.  Euan and Bonnie bounced around the forest like a couple of rabbits.   Should be in for some nice peace n quiet when we get home then Euan.
 Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy
 Fun fun fun fun fun
 New besties
 What you lookin at?
Me n little bro.  Note I am now wearing my halloween collar.   I'm going through collars this month like there's no tomorrow.  Mum gave my dinosaur collar to a black lab puppy in her puppy class as its collar broke.   And little bro has chewed the clasps off two more this week.   So I'm down to a choice of halloween or Christmas.   Such a hard life.
Creature from the deep.........  Cue very scary music.   It did get a bit scary later on as Mozzie Moo couldn't get out of the river and Aunty Kirsty had to climb in and lift him out.   The photographer had to help otherwise she could have shared the moment.
I know that sometimes I just have to bark at black labs - well - just because.   Only some of them, not all of them,  I like to keep Mum guessing which ones.   This one didn't need any barking at on the whole walk but really, he did take liberties.   Scuse me but can't a guy dine in peace?
 Oh that be Euan,  feel free to give him a gentle nudge if you like.  Snicker.
 Ah, well I guess that's karma.
Mozzie looking none the worse for wear after his adventure.
 And the rabbits.
Lo, who is that good looking dude bringing up the rear.   I'll get there when I get there, not a minute earlier.  Good things can't be rushed you know.


  1. looks like you had a great day out

  2. Nuvver border! Pawsome my pal….is good yoo has good companee on da walking…..