Saturday, May 31, 2014


 As the host of todays party I would like to welcome you.  Hope you all have a doggone time. I would like to declare this party   OPEN!!!
Me n my not so mini me
LET THE FUN BEGIN.............. my 10th Birthday Party, twas10 on Thursday 29th!!
As with any top notch function, there was presents to be opened.   Thank you all my friends for all my wonderful presents.  
Stuffies, n salmon treats, n black puddin , n verjillions in Lotto tkts, my friends were very kind to me, we was just more than happy to share party time with them.
I do have to report that some of my -  I repeat MY presents were literally torn from my grasp by Mum as soon as I had done the hard part of wrestling them out of the wrappers.   To be carefully rationed out at a later date appawrently.   SIGH,   whose party is this???
Aunty Barb,  we are so glad you could come.  Here let me relieve you of that,  looks too heavy for you to be carryin.
Oy, you two yobs that be my brand new donkey stuffie and if you tear ís head orf,  Mum is gonna be very cross!!     SO!!
 Games for everyone.    My buddy Mint.
 Mozzie Moo
As the host with the most , I would like to report that all my guests appear to be having a whale of a time.  There are no tears n tantrums,  everything tickety boo.   PssT  .Can I have some of that black puddin that Aunty Heather bought me,  quick while no one is lookin,   I won't tell anyone....
 Havin a quiet chat with my mate Onny.   See we both have our best black party ears on.  
 Mozzie, Garvey n yours truly.   My hat n bow tie got squiffier as the party wore on.
Cinnamon,  Mint n  me,  actually by now we are wonderin about the next part of the proceedings,   my beagle buddies have given all of us a heads up that there might be cake!!!! ...............
We were thrilled that my buddy Chopper made it to my party.  Choppie is very sick but came along for the ride with Aunty Barb.   He did stay in the car in the warm but we are happy to have included him and psst, he got a piece of cake.   Actually,  we've heard all about this cake.  We want cake,  we want cake,   we want cake.
Thanks Aunty Gail who made the doggy cake.   Full of nommy things that are okay for doggies to eat and all glued together with molasses.  And a B for Bacon  Bodie on the top.  Pawfect!!!
Thank you to Rachel who made a nommy lemon cake for the hoomans.   Hmmm looks like a dog bowl to me.  Must have looked like a dog bowl to Cinnamon too cos she snaffled a bunch of the icing.   I need to take lessons off them beagles.
 Awww exciting.   Gift bags for my buddies to take home.  Thanks Aunty Jan for doing those.
My friends did say that this is the only best dog party they had ever been to and they are looking forward to the next one!!!!
 Hmmmmm,    well Euan does be comin up ONE soon....
Mum does say that this does be the communal birthday bow tie.  Who's up next for it?


  1. onny!!!!!!!!!august! hes neva Had a party!!!!!!!!!!!! poor neglected boy!

  2. Yay….appy burfdee Bodie my old pal….i send sum wuzzes from da cloud….