Sunday, April 13, 2014


RABBIT.   Who said rabbit?
Summers coming to a close so we're stuffing in as many warm walks with all our friends as we can before you know .....      Well before we start the cold walks.....
Little brother is getting bigger.  But don't tell us you can't tell us apart.   I'm the blonde one and he's the ginger one.
Asking Aunty Barb to do a recall,  you have to keep these humans in line and keep yer eye on them all the time.
 Euan with his bestest girlfriend Nellie.
Here - let me help you.
 Of course its not a proper walk unless we do some posin by the sceneries.
I wouldn't sit still and kept poking ma tongue out so Mum said you could have another picture of goody too shoes instead.
Sadly this was our very last walk with the beautiful Moss who crossed over the rainbow bridge on Saturday.
Rest in Peace our beautiful blue eyed boy.  Run free with Fern and Mrs Magoo and hey,  see if you can teach those doggies over the rainbow bridge how to dance!!

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  1. Sorree to reed bowt Moss my pal....I will be at da Bridge to meet hims so he dussnt be lost....we will be wavin down at yoo all.....