Saturday, April 26, 2014


Easter has come and gone but not without us catching up with some friends over the break.   And a holiday shared in a warm backyard with friends and fave toys - what more does a guy need huh?
Grass 2014 vintage,   nom,  who needs Easter Eggs?
Euan doin some male bondins with cousin Charlie Brown.
 Do ci do
Ray- me

 far - so - la - tea  (I think my editor is more than a little verbally challenged this post.)
I've actually been a little under the weather this week.  Thursday saw me at my lovely vets on an IV drip cos I was feeling more than a little sicky and dehydrated.    No idea if it's something I ate or one to many dirty puddles or streams drunk out of over Easter.    So I've had lots of wuzzes and special attenshuns and foodables for the past few days.  Cant go wrong hey.
And a bad turn of events yesterday has seen us both banned from unsnoopervised access to the daily den.
 Seems someone got a little overenthusiastic with helping with home décor!!  
Well of course it wasn't me.  The Goose and I have shared sunpuddlin in there summer and winter for aeons.   So today Mum brought my bed out into the front hall so that I could top up my vitamin C.   I am less than amused with this turn of events.

 I have no idea how that wallpaper felled off mi-lord.
 Of course baby brother could win an Oscar award for lookin innocent.
8 months old on Wednesday.  My nemesis, but he is pretty darned cute hey.

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  1. I haz legal advice for yoo my pals…deny it all…they dussnt proofs a thing…..