Saturday, February 15, 2014


 We have had a bit of a disrupted start to this year.   While the weekends have been full of beaches.
The Sorcerors Apprentice
N huntin n gatherin
N general muckin
With Friends ......
Our weeks have been a little different.  Where are we to go Mum?
You know our big block wall in the garden.
Well it was the neighbours garage and they done pulled it down for to make their own really nice garden like ours.  Well it might likely be a bit nicer n ours as they are not lucky enough to have digginest dogs.
 So for a few weeks this is what it looked like.  They did put up temporary fencing for us which was thoughtful.
You do know we be terriers don't you?  Lucky the Goose isn't here, that would have been about as much use as a paper tissue to keep her in.   So we did get packed off to Nana n Poppas during the week while the "Snooperviser" was out at work.
It's business as usual now as far as the fence is concerned and all painted already and looking just like a bought one!!

And then with my eye troubles I was packed off to Nana's for another week for to have my eyedrops 4 times a day.  As you can see I am back to my gorgeous self again too.  And to help me in my brotherly duties we did call in back up on the occasional weekend.   I did have other things to deal with as you can see here.


See you next week.   The Bodester - conefree and lovin it.


  1. Onny jealous! lol good boy koru, such a lovely patient boy!

  2. Hmmmm….new fence, new peemail…day be wot I say Bodie my chum

  3. What is my wish for my border terrier dog Dixson?

    I would like to see my partner Dixson a male border terrier to be wet by the ocean and playing with my children. They are so lovely, thanks for your post.