Saturday, May 11, 2013


This morning we went out foresting with Aunty Barb and her new foster boy Toby the English pointer.  Seeing as Mum was busy with the camera I stuck with Aunty Barb for obvious reasons.  Check out the treaty bag she is wearing.  I'm sticking to her like white on rice.
 Leading the way,  just one of the services I provide.
 I think he likes it out here, best not let him off though till we see if he comes back.  We did let him off for a run for a while and do you know how we got him back?  By using me as Bait, hmpf.  Aunty Barb made a big show of feeding me his treaties and when he noticed he came flying back.   You didn't have to come back that fast buddy,  I was just getting into a rhythm.
 Handsome huh?
 Someone must've pushed the "Goofball" button.  Quick turn it off before he jumps on my small self.
I do have to admit having quite a chow down on a large morsel of horse poop on this trip.    Much to Mums disgust.     Yumm, haven't had poop de cheval before, this outdoors restaurant has quite a lot going for it.
There was not much chance for dithering and quiet time though.   My friend Garvey was with us and seeing as she didn't have Nellie or Mozzie to round up and hang off her ear, she made it her mission to round me up.    SIGH.   Garvey is half border collie so she just can't help herself from playing mother hen.   But the German Shepherd side means she comes runnin at me like a steam train and I have to hunker down.  I'll come back when I'm good and ready, I'm not a sheep thank you!!!.
 I think he loves me but hey,  if I have to put up with his getting loved up,  I think I should have all his treats.  Don't you think that is fair?
Teaching Toby how to survive in the wild drinking out of muddy puddles, eely rivers.

Toby - 2 years 3 months.


  1. Cool walk, cool pointer, good job Bodie for being a buddy for him

  2. Sounds like you have your priorities right Bodie!

  3. Goodness, that Toby is a menace when he goes goofball. I always know when there is food around. Nobody can fool clever dogs like us, eh? With your fine instruction, I'm sure he will be ready for his forever him soon.


  4. Toby sure do be an ansome man-dog my pal...I wud haz him for a pal any day. I dussnt like bein rounded up though....no thanks