Friday, May 3, 2013


Breaking newz.  This year I have finally joined the BIG GUNS 7pm class at Agiliteez.  It has only taken us 2 years,  well more n 2 years but hey whose countin?   We are here for a good time AND a long time.

Meet some of the big guns class.   Nellie.
Nellies brofur Archie
Nessie.    We have the full complement of Border Terriers to show off on this night.  Nessie is a "Wheaten" Border Terrier cos her furs are all golden.
Bob (not his real name, we apologises for the forgettery)   A Blue n Tan Border Terrier.  Lots of Black.
And of course "Yours Truly"  I am a Grizzle Border Terrier,   no not cos of my whingin, it is because my coat is all of the colours and I has the very flashest of black ears.
Ghosts at agility!!!!!     WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
We leave the Goose at home on agility nights and last night she did climb on the kitchen table and wrestle the as yet unwrapped courier parcel onto the floor.   Look its about 4 times s big s she is.   Hey there's a new bed and a couple of kigs of treaties in here.  What goes on while I be at agiliteez?
Please don't be mad at me.   My tummy is mad at me already.  I think its gonna be an uncomfy night.


  1. Uh oh....wot ave the Goose eated? Pleez say she dint be eatin the hole bed

    1. Nup she had just started on the dried liver treaties when she was rudely interrupted by our homecoming. Not sure how much she ate but she had to go outside 3 times in the night. Mum was not amused.

    2. hope it didn't up set her how is the cherry stuff going. Well done Bodie on progressing up the league who do all the othe BT's belong to