Monday, January 7, 2013


 Look at me - all cool, calm and collected on my first ever kayaking trip in the Mangawhai estuary.
Hmm, looks like that wet stuff, think I'll stay on board.
Well I tell a small lie, that was my second trip, this is Aunty Debbie taking me out on my first ever trip.

 I was way way braver than the Goose cos she lasted 2 minutes and threw herself in the drink so we couldn't even take a photo.  Sisters hmpfh.
Mum actually got the idea when she saw Jasper the Poodle out for his morning paddle in his boat.  As if Mum can't dream up enough ideas for new experiences for me.   Sleeping is an experience too you know!!!
 Here's us all parked up.
And the view from our bed.   Not bad, not bad at all.

Me nuttin off  notifying all present that there is a black dog walking across our lawn.  Apparently this is the Queens chain and he is allowed to do that.  Well just thought you and all the neighbours might like to know.
Chillin out in the shade, can't quite get into Sleep mode from here cos you never know when another dog might just saunter by.

Seems swimmin is compulsory summer fun.  Goo going in, those swimmin lessons at K9 Aqua have paid off, she didn't even need to press the panic button.
My turn, look Aunty Karen, no lifejacket.
 That was great thanks,  ah nope I'll pass on another go,  too much fun can be bad for you.
I think we should leave swimmin to the Retrievers.  Remember Peppa who I introduced you to a few months back.  She is now 9 months old and a tad bigger n me.
We also went to Aunty Laurels on the Kaipara Harbour which is on the other coast from Mangawhai, pretty much straight across.

 Our next boating venture was to go fishing with Uncle Gravy.  Well I say "we" - I was invited to go with Bertie the poodle but Mum thought that given my experience with the fish hook on the beach a few months ago, my four left feet, and landing fish in the boat that it could all prove too much for an excitable terrier and an extremely bad idea.
Fisheries Inspector Bodie,  mmm, smells interestin.  Lets see what's in here then.

 Seems I was not to be included in the Great Chilly Bin openin??   
 Nice view, when can I come out?
Fish of the day,  snappers and gurnards.   Mum even managed to hunt and gather about 5 of these.  She thought she was way too clever but not sure if she will be doin it again as next time she has to bait her own hook.  Seems she's only allowed to play the girl card on the first trip.

 Fishy stuff
We are back home now,  had a rocking good holiday.  Onward summer.


  1. That looks like it was an awesome adventure! You would not catch me getting in the water, though! Yuck!

    The fish looks really tasty!!!

    ~Treasure the Dachshund

  2. yahhh, Bods and Goo! your swimming! good stuff, now we can really enjoy our runs at the beach!!! your mum needs a gold star for perserverence!
    Moss, Onny and Jasper!

  3. a pawsome oliday my chums....did you get an fish from da BBQ?

  4. You may already be aware that your photos are being used on the Facebook page Thorne The Border Terrier. If you are aware, I apologize for bringing it up again. If you're not aware, this is a heads up....thanks!!

    1. Thanks for the heads up, having trouble finding that page but will have a look. Maybe they don't have a camera!!!