Tuesday, December 25, 2012

XMAS 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my pals.  Hope you have a great break and safe holidaze.

Once again, me n the Goose have been very spoilt by our friends this Christmas.
Gourmet biskies made by Mozzies mum.  You're looking at Gourmay beef on the left and Cheese Delights on the right.   Unfortunately for me n my sidekick, the Cheese Delights are so delish that Mum has been sharing them too.  She had muesli and a cheesy biskit for brekkie, shame on you Mum.   We ALL thank you Aunty Kirsty.

Moss, n Onny n Jaspar gave us these well wrapped gifts.  So well wrapped that the Goose gave up.  My sister has no stamina.

Gettin my back into it.

I can do it,  jes taking a breather.......

They don't call us tenacious terriers for nuffink.

 And just because I'm that kind of guy, I'm gonna open Goos for her too.

Goo guardin the new menagerie.

I think I'm in lurv.  Givin my new giraffe some loving licks.

 And a serious new receptacle for our treaties, hey thanks Aunty Jan.  Even has a photo of Santa Bodie on it.
With some serious sized dog treaties from Aunty Heather.   Whoa, pigs ears, we haven't had them before.  That looks like dinner in one ear....   umpf can't quite reach,  this might be a job for Captain Kangaroo.    Talk soon.


  1. Merry christmas to you all, hope that you had a great day, and by the look of it you did xx

  2. Merry Christmas Bodie and Goose. Looks like you had fun and Santa Paws was kind to you. Loving your blog and keep up the good work next year! xx

  3. Oh Bodie!! You lucky pup! And Magoo too - am so jealous! I never get home-made cookies (probably just as well, given Hsin-Yi's cooking skills!)

    Anyway, just wanted to wish you a belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. Looks like you had a great Christmas. Yum what lovely looking treats!!!!!!! Hope to see and hear all about you in the new year!!!!

  5. hey Bodes and Goo, glad you like the gifts, norty Jas tried killing the giraffe before mum had wrapped them so she had to make them extra tight. we knew you would manage to open them....lol have seen your ripping talent
    when there something special to be opened before.
    moss, Onny and Jasper

  6. Happy Christmas my chums....and a appy new year too! Woof.

  7. Looks like you had a fantastic christmas getting all those yummy treats and Happy New Year. Hope you get to go on many more exciting adventures in the new year
    From Milo & Jet