Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Oy,  I'm locked out.  The cat door isn't working either.  Did you hear me I'M LOCKED OUT!!

Now I'm locked in,  this wasn't exactly what I had in mind.   I didn't really want to be inside, but it's the principle of the thing isn't it.

And you know those rocks that you had pinning the groundsheet down.   Well I'm not one for telling tales but The Goose has nicked off with some of them.

Destroyer of stately gardens.
And is digging up the whole backyard.

Thats why she doesn't give a toss about being locked out.   She's busy - Just saying.

Lockdown procedure is going to be continuing for a while I think.   Renos on my kennel are taking a while.     I just want to be where Mum is,   under the ladder,   getting underfoot,   stepping in the painty drops and walking them round the house, and up on the beds and up on the furniture.  Wagging my tail against the wall and doing tail art round the walls.    Is it too much to ask?

We'd just like to woof our thanks to Mango Momma for helping us with our bloggy problems too.  

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  1. Mmmm....the werks look very excitin my pal....is always nice to haz the place lookin new and shiny even if it do not smell right for a bit....i would also vote for some terrier wall-art but I am usually ignored wiv dese fings...