Sunday, November 18, 2012


Puhleez, can't a girl get some privasee.  I've just been for a walk, I'll be out soon.
 Even though we've been here for years we've just discovered that at low tide, we can walk all the way from the motorway to the other end of Pt Chev Beach.  Along the coast, about 2kms.   Who would've thought aye?  Well looks like its a world secret cos no one else seems to know about it either,  we had the place to ourselves.  Middle of a busy city and all.

 Its a cross between a tad muddy and sandy, but hey it's the Waitemata not the Manukau mud so you're not gonna sink in it. And we just had to watch out for  a few patches of oyster shells for little dog feet.   And we left "Mr Clean" behind at home on the couch.  Can you imagine him mincing about here?
Stairways up to connecting streets or to private houses.    Make sure you know which is which.  This one looks private, the public ones are usually the expensive ones made of concrete, not these rickety jobs.
 Found a much more useful purpose for our poo bag.   Humans!!!  Filthy animals.
What a discovery eh,   a beach for a Goose.

I'd like to get dressed now so if you could look away or leave the bathroom please.


  1. SO glad you enjoyed your walk, but those humans need to be taught to tidy up!!!

  2. cool sounds like fun! glad you had a great time xxx

    Charlene and Stormy

  3. Isn't it great when you find undiscovered beaches to walk on. Looks like a great spot and not too many people - even better!!!

  4. That's a fantastic spot to have all to yourselves! Too bad about the litter marring the way but at least you had a handy solution. I wish there was a beach like that close to our house.

  5. A private beach for you Goose! Excellent. We will swing by for a visit...