Monday, August 6, 2012


Proud to be Kiwis,  we sure are.  We'd like to send our congratulations and wavin the paws here at our Olympic athletes.  All those competitors are just too amazing,  we've been glued to the telly for days, we is gettin square eyes, stayin up late and watching the rowing.
We have been doing quite a bit of exercisin and training this year but we just didn't quite make the grade.   Much tenacity is needed.
Terrier lightweight division
Don't let go Goo or the scales will tip!!
Overcame the fear of water this year too.
But havin all the gear is not enough.   Doggles a must have accessory for the olympic terrier.
10 meters dog paddle.
What do you mean we have to get up at 4 in the morning for training?
Hey Koru,  you can't be in the lightweight division
Took me a few goes to get the hang of this one.
Go Mark Todd - our hero.
It seems like someone else is "Proud to Be Kiwis" too.  Hey youse Aussies, get yer paws off our medals.

And finally big congratulations to Maggie May n Rusty from Scotland.  GOLD & SILVER.  
Go Team Border!!!   RaH

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  1. Wow, you haz been avin Olympics fever like us...we see you done plenty of gold medduls too....it ave been a pawsome time to be in the UK and we are sad you dint make the team. Mebbe we see you in Rio for the next wun...