Friday, August 10, 2012


Last weekend Aunty Kirsty phoned and asked me to come round.  She was dogsitting the BMDs and she wanted help with taking them for a walk.

All us doggies looking nicely at the camera while Aunty Kirsty secretly plots her escape!!!

Stick with me,  I'll look after ya.
Hugo is only a puppy and seems to really really love us small doggies.
Not hiding - doin impawtant dog stuff
Don't tell his Mum but we managed to lose Oscar not once but twice.  I mean really and truly, how can you lose a Bernese Mountain Dog.
Nope,  its not Mint
Phew, someone else my size.   Good Afternoon to you.
Bailey - my chocolate girlfriend n me exploring the new architectures at the swamp.
Hugo explorin the muddy, wet cold swampy thing.  Good Luck to you.
Is he enjoying hisself or not,  'it's very hard to tell.
And a ball to add to his confusion.  Come on he's only one, give a guy a break.
My pack - Wet Dog 1 aka Mozzie,  Wet Dog 2 aka Hugo,
Wet Dogs 3 & 4, Garvey and Nellie.  Where is Oscar?
I'll pass on that but you guys have  a great time.  Let me know if you need anything.   Like a bath or blankie.
You can pat me Aunty Kirsty,  I am nice and cllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeean.   In fact there was mutterings heard to the effect of  ...  "if we get back to the car and Bodie is still looking clean we are going to apply some mud".   Oh well you'll have to catch me first, I doesn't do wet.


  1. Oh what fun and frolicks all round I see - wish I was there - seeing you all enjoying yourselves in those pictures has given my spirits a real lift! Mind I am in the Bodie camp in the wet department, for it doesn't do for the hair style you know, makes it frizz...mind a bitta mud can enhance a Border Terrier I feel, but wet, nope - here's to big fluffy dazzling dry puffy, dry fluffy happy hair standing on end not soggy .....the latest look 2012! Take care, Barnie x

  2. wow, what a great walk.. You did have your hands full with all the dogs but what fun...I wish Zack would swim in the water but he doesn't like to get his feet wet!!!

  3. Very wise my pal....wet be for fishes only.....

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