Monday, June 11, 2012


Sunday morning music to my ears.  "What do you want to do today Bodie,  go to a hippity hoppity competishun, or the forest with your girlfriend"?    Ahhhh let me think about that for 2 seconds.   It's not often I get to make the decisions round here.
So here's me, not at a hip hop competition.
And my girlfriend Bailey!!
This is a much relaxed way to start the day dontcha think.  Well if starting the day at 10.30am counts.   I have to fit in the required amount of snoozin.
Ah Houston we have a problem!!
I don't know how I get myself into these situations,  I jes does.
 I don't do sticks n water,  its a matter of preference.  I like to get stuck in the  explore the foliage.
Best pals

Later on back at the homestead.
Cake bullying
Goose and I have been practising this tag team stand over tactic for as long as we can remember.  It's not working as well as we would have hoped but hey,  perserverance is our middle name.


  1. Looks like a fun day! Don't give up on the tactics! Bella likes to note that she highly recommends getting a small human baby in the house, Bella's baby has already been taught through careful application of puppy-eye stare tactics that he must share his food with the four legged master of the house... or bring dog foods from the dog food heaven upon request...

    ...owner is not as happy with the arrangement ;)

  2. GruffHello there Bodie - and your lady friend "Bailey" - paw for I would love to have a sniff about her pawticulars - sorry, I digress - but it was great to see you both enjoying a frolick about the forest - Happy Days! (we'l ignore the sticky situations you get yourself in)! love Barnie x

  3. That loooks like a fun day my pal. I did not realise you had a lady friend. She look very nice to me. We haz tag team stuff here too....I let Lola go furst wiv incessant whinin and when they is weakenin i come in wiv a sick-boy look and they is putti in our hands.

  4. You look like you have great fun exploring the shrubbery! But you might need to know this one tip (as I'm sure you have no idea about this already), be careful NOT to get stuck, or it's a pretty sticky situation!
    And don't let up on the cake bullying. One day, a very easily convinced human will give in to your looks. Don't ever give up!

  5. Good choices for sniffing and hunting through the countryside and with a mighty fine looking girl there Bodie - jealous oh so jealous - glad you had fun!!!!

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