Monday, June 4, 2012


Can you see the tippy top of the hill on this picture.  Well guess who climbed to the top of that on Sunday?
Heavens no,  not me I have more respect for my hairy little legs.  The Goose n Koru went to the top on a big explore.  And Mum made it to the top this time, but respectfully speaking I do think she cheated more than a little cos the Goose pulled her a good way of it.  Can you see the Goose in here - towing someone up the sand dune and this is only half way.
 Goo has earned her Indian name this weekend.  She is now also known as Grasshopper cos she bounded through this tussock like a , well like a grasshopper.   Look at the state of this lawn.  Where's the lawnmower guy?
Time for a well earned rest at the halfway mark.   Goose is on the lookout for rabbit.
Can you see me.   The two white campers down by the stream.  I'm resting my eyes in one of them and True is resting his leg in the other one.
Run free little brown dog.
 There seems to be a lot of lying down on the job,  I don't know why someone even got out of bed this morning.  You can see the sky tower from up here, well you can when you is standing up and your eyes is open.
The top of the edge of the bottom of the werld.
Lets go up again,  that was fun.
Communing with naycha.
45 minutes to crawl to the top and 15 minutes to slide back down again.  Back to the stream for a well earned paddle.
I did get up to my own bit of mischiff later in the day involving having a bit of a chow down on a fishermans baited hook.   But thats another story - and  someone's just gone for another BIG LIE DOWN?!!!


  1. You guys go to the BEST places!!!

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  2. Wow, very nice photos, I love the last one! Where was this? Awhitu Peninsula?


  3. Sounds as though you all had a lot of fun Go for the fish Bodie.
    Love Granny

  4. Amazing, such beautiful country and I say it again - so jealous of your sandy beaches. Great job on the hike up the mountain - looks like quite the uphill - I am tired just looking at you guys.

  5. Looks like it was a fun day out there! Amazing landscape!

  6. ohhhhh Creepers mum, and you made us go home early, look what we missed out on.Ya gotta be brave next time huh? huh?
    Moss, Onny and Jasper

  7. Absolutely AWESOME pictures!! That last one is just priceless - it ought to be on a wall in some art gallery somewhere. Who was taking the photos?? They're amazing - and really capture the beauty of NZ!! Makes us so homesick!!!

    Hsin-Yi & Honey the Great Dane