Monday, April 23, 2012


This weekend we escaped out of the teeming metropolis of Auckland to the edge of New Zealand.
Apart from the occaisional bird.....
And the occaisional human being.....
Rush hour traffic
Two occasional human beings huntin and gatherin
We pretty much had the place to ourselves.  
We have been sworn to secrecy.
Swearing in ceremony
I think Australias over there somewhere.
Hi Honey, can you see me from there?
I had mile upon mile of beach to explore.
The beach was pristine,  now theres a word that should never be found in a Border Terriers vocabulary.
Dog graffiti
In fact my only complaint was the whole weekend I found nowt to roll in.
Not even nearly stinky enough ...
Being as famous as I am of course there were the pawpawazzi.
Stalking a Bodester?
We left the Goose at home on this trip, but I wasn't lonely.
Me & my shadow
My shadow stopping to take a scratch and me look at me patiently waiting.
While in Rome
Then my reflection muscled in on the act,  now this beach is getting overcrowded.
Ewwww Ghosts.
Looking for treasure.
My endless quest for stinky.
Somewhere over the rainbow.
No place like home.
No more daylight savings so sunset is about 6.15pm.
Night night New Zealand, see you in the morning.
Sunday morning I was told about todays adventure.
We're what?  If we were meant to be up there we would have been given wings.
While three of the intrepid team made it to the top and beyond,  me n Mum had to admit defeat.
Do I look like a mountain goat to you?  For dogs sake!!!
Edmund Hillary
Mum n me got halfway up to the top and then Mum had a nasty accident.    "Oh I think I have sprained a freckle"!!!!   Ouch!!!   and we went back home to put the kettle on.
The fun part is coming down.
Thought you were meant to be makin a cup o tea?
Next time we're bringing the goose to Soul Beach.  She should be able to run free.   Theres no rabbits and cows and cars and butterflies to chase.


  1. That's an amazin lookin beach Bodie. You are so lucky....apart from all da haffin to liv upside down an stuff

  2. Wow I am so jealous what a wonderful place. Zack would be heaven on that beach!!!

  3. O what a beautiful top secret location to go visiting! :)

    YOu must of had a wonderful time! THose Sand Dunes look super fun to run up and down :)

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  4. Holy moly, Brodie, you have found an amazing spot. Maybe if I come visit you, you could take me there. Now I just have to figure out how to get out of the States!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. and my mum made us miss it, cose she had to work!!!!!stink!!!!!!!!
    next time we'll be there for sure or I will bite her bum!
    moss and the 2 others!

  6. Paaaw and a Big Bow Wow Wow - we really loved the look of that beach there, apart from a pebbled beach down the South of England (we live in the middle of England) I have never been on a sandy beach - its never been warm enough for us to make the journey yet during my young tender years! Mummy2Legs was almost emotional at the sunset, and also loved your Camper - she reminisces of her caravan days...ah yes, it was good to get away there on your blog for a few moments, like a little holiday away from the cold weather of late here in Yorkshire!!! Woof Woof Wish we were there!! x

  7. oh my God – the pictures in this post are absolutely incredible!! Especially the first and the last one – just love it! so jealous that we never got to go there!

    1. Aunty Janna took thems two photos, she's really clever. And yeah we think this place is Heaven on Earth.

  8. hey therr yooz tooo, woowwwzies thooss piktyoors arr simperly shtunnin, i zi soo impresserd n jeeeluss, Iz wish Iz cood go to sumwheerr az spektakular!!! Yoo guyz musta hadd soo mutch fun! ove n likkies Pdorgle xox