Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We do have a new member of our pack.   His name is Jasper and being that he is a brown border jus like me I have taken him under my wing.
He does be the brother of Moss n Onny but out in the wild they is pretty busy doing big dog stuff.
And the little brother gets left behind, as little brothers do........
So I'm showing him the ropes out in the big wide world.
Lesson #1 for the day is Water Safety.  
Demonstratin the safety position
Big brother Onny was also roped in for a demo,  but I don't think Jasper was concentratin.
No, no, no weren't ya watchin,  that be the drowning position!!!
Or if you run fast enough you can just run across the top... not a speed I am used to.
Lesson #2.  Snackin.  Watch and Learn Jasper.  If humans are in the vicinity then its a pretty sure bet that there be treaties in the pockets.   You do need to learn to stand on your hind legs for this one. 
Not even concentratin
Stand over tactics are what is required, not sitting down there gazin at the horizon. 
Lesson #3  Rollin....  find a good smell and wallow.
I think my demonstration of my amazing rolling technique was a bit advanced for Jasper at this early stage.
I must admit I got rather carried away in the moment and forgot about my audience.
Doesnt life just STINK!!!!
DUDE, it doesn't take that much analysis,  you're not meant to sniff every blade.
I have offered to Aunty Jan for Jasper to come and stay and we can accelerate his learning programme to save her some time.  Watch this space.

Right, I'm off to slurp out of a puddle and Mums off to make coffee, but heck we won't be brewin up this stuff.  We are not amused...... thanks Marley for giving us the heads up.


  1. Just admiring your Brilliant Border teaching techniques there - but alas, we cannot expect our Jasper to pick these things up too quickly as it takes many moons of particular practice, experience and clever cunning to fully master our Border Bravery and Banter - keep up the good work though for I am sure the lovely Jasper will thank you one day! (Barnie x)

  2. Excellent teachin there Bodie. I am sure yoe puil will be better next time you see him.And i can also let you kno dat Cornish Barney, one of the twitter BTs, did force an apology out of da coffee company...he he. Puppy power!

  3. Hee! Hee! We thought that advert was brilliant! ;)

    We were a little confused there for a seconded we though you guys had a new member of your household pack! Silly us, brain cells not awake this morning!

    Great teachings though Bodie :)

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  4. You're doing an excellent job teaching, your wallowing in stink is top notch!

    Nubbin wiggles,